Stephen Shelley

Stephen Shelley

Industrial Technology Creations Pty. Ltd.


Stephen Shelley is a physicist and professional inventor with over a dozen internationalpatents and scores of trade secrets to his credit. He has created products and services forAustralian, American, Chinese and Japanese companies and his most recent technologycreations, GENESIS and GRAVITY, can be seen at

Paper:Approaching 100% Materials Efficiency in Manufacturing

“Financial and environmental pressures are often opposing forces in manufacturing enterprises.This paper discusses the possible alignment of these forces in producing cost savings formanufacturers at the same time as improving environmental outcomes.
Specifically this paper addresses liquid waste streams and the possible recovery/re-use of materials,otherwise wasted, by utilizing a unique, nature based, weather system inside a contained or semicontainedenvironment. This weather system allows for low temperature/ambient pressureevaporation of water from waste streams to enable recovery of the contained solids for re-use orfurther refinement. It involves humidification and dehumidification of relatively dry air similar to that found in nature’s production of rain.
The technology also enables recovery of evaporated water as ‘pure condensate water’ for furtheruse if required. The solids produced can be further concentrated by ‘cold drying’ using the sameprinciples.
Examples will be given to show the very broad scope of applications for this unique and veryeconomical technology.”