Gilbert Habla

Gilbert Habla

Habla Zig-Zag Kilns International


Gilbert has more than 47 years’ experience in the brick industry. Gilbert has been abrickwork owner and has built and operated the Habla Zig-Zag Kiln and has comprehensive,“hands on” experience including kiln design, mechanical installation, commissioning oftechnology, modification, operation, and maintenance of brick plants. He has worked in a range of kilns from Clamp and Hoffman to Tunnel Kilns.
Gilbert is internationally acknowledged for his expertise within the industry, especially in Asia and was appointed as an independent consultant to UNIDO for the international brick industry. He regularly visits kiln sites and is consulted by a range international agencies and NGO’s on the issues of the brick industry in the developing world.

Paper:The Future of Green Certifications & Their Impact on Trade

“This unique brick kiln technology (HZZK) has been presented in the past at APRSCP but in terms ofpast history and possible future capabilities only. Finally, a brand new HZZK has been built, is incommercial production and has been thoroughly tested with outstanding results in regard tocapacity, efficiency, brick quality and emissions.
This paper will discuss the salient features of the HZZK and provide independent evidence of thetesting regimes that indicate the technology’s superiority over all other brick kilns in existence.
Indications will be given regarding the potential to significantly lower CO2, greenhouse gas andparticulate carbon that is a major cause for the severe environmental damage to the Himalayanglaciers and health problems for the whole Asian region. Fuel consumption is greatly reduced to lessthan half of that used by the majority of kilns in Asia.”