Lewis Akenji

Lewis Akenji

Director for Sustainable Consumption & Production


Lewis Akenji is a Director for Sustainable Consumption and Production at the think-tank IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies).
He is lead author of multiple publications on SCP in Asia, including: “Sustainable Consumption Guide for Policy Makers: Debunking Myths and Outlining Solutions (Asia Edition)”; and “Sustainable Consumption and Production: A Handbook for Policymakers (Asia-Pacific 2nd edition)”.
He was previously Manager of the Central and Eastern European Network for SCP, and managed projects under the European Union PHARE/Transition Facility. He has also consulted with international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme, the Asia Development Bank, the African Development Bank, Consumers International, etc. He has a background in Sustainable Resource Management (Technische Universität München, Germany) Environmental Diplomacy (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and Consumer Economics (University of Helsinki, Finland).

Paper: SCP in Asia-Pacific: Enabling the Shift through Sub-Regional Programmes and Initiatives

“The keynote will address issues such as: the evolution of the SCP agenda over the last few decades, including in the Sustainable Development Goals; priorities and leverage points for SCP in Asia; interpreting SCP in an Asia-relevant context; and programmes and initiatives to drive a shift towards SCP in Asia’”