Lim Swee Choon

Lim Swee Choon

General Manager – SE Asia
Envilab Sdn. Bhd.


Past working experiences : Lab Chemist, Lab Manager, Environmental Engineer, Project Manager, Branch Manager.
Scope of work : Turn Key Project for Industrial water and wastewater treatment plant design and application.
Other interest : Renewable Energy (Mini hydro and solar power generator) for remote area.

Paper:Cleaner Production & Cost Reduction in Waste Management

“Treating high strength industrial wastewater generated from various industries with conventional phyisco-chemical method will generate large amount of solids waste, heavy usage of chemicals and incur high sludge disposal cost. By utilizing vacuum evaporation technology, wastewater can be directly concentrated through the evaporation process and volume of the left-over concentrated waste to be disposed to waste management companies will be minimized, hence reducing the waste management cost. The same technology also can be applied in the production line, particularly in metal finishing industries to concentrate, recover and reuse some of the plating chemicals. This will minimize end of pipe waste production and result in savings of chemicals and water cost.”