Pavel Cech

Pavel Cech

Managing Director
ResourceCo Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd.


After studies of Agricultural Mechanization and Business Administration in the Czech Republic, Pavel started his carrier with Lafarge in 1995 in Supply Chain and in what then used to be called Resource Recovery, which evolved into Industrial Ecology (IE) and, which has become the main point of his future occupation.

Pavel has worked in the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Jordan, Philippines and Malaysia on various positions connected to resource recovery. Since 2009 he had been developing and managing numerous Alternative Fuel and Raw Material businesses in Asia Pacific, initially with Lafarge and lately as a managing director of ResourceCo Asia. His strength is in the intimate knowledge of the cement as well as waste management industries, especially in Asia.

Paper: Enterprising SCP Problem – Waste to Energy and Money

“Sustainable and renewable energy are the terms one comes across every day. Many have succumbed to the lure and failed, few have succeeded and the majority is sitting on the fence looking for a clear sign to join. If we strip the W2E industry down to its core we might discover that it isn’t always what it’s dressed up like. Holding back the environmentalist’s instincts, the appealing fashion statement of doing “green” or the need to promote new technologies, one can reach a view point which reveals some very basic rules which are often neglected. This presentation leads us to the very basics of the W2E business.”