Robert White

Robert White

Managing Director
SDI International Pty. Ltd.


Robert, a former police officer, gained experience and detailed knowledge of variouschemicals and hazardous substances during his work in drug squads which cultivated hisinterest in chemistry and microbiology.
This led him into the manufacturing industry and formulation of environmentally friendly andsafe cleaning products. In 1994, he founded SDI International and, with specialist technicalstaff, developed a range of commercial cleaning products.He saw the problems with the use of harsh chemicals in disinfectants and the rapid advanceof antimicrobial resistant superbugs. After 4 years of experimentation and independenttesting, he introduced RIDOV, a revolutionary biodegradable and natural antimicrobial, to themarket.
Robert continues to improve products used in cleaning, hygiene and protection of humanhealth, veterinary and food producing agriculture to be more effective, eco-friendly and safe.

Paper:RIDOV – Anti Microbial Compound

“Thousands of people are dying each year around the world because of antibiotic-resistantinfections and the problem is increasing with the spread of new exotic bacteria adjusting to andoverpowering the latest drug treatments available. This antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a directresult of the unrestrained use of antibiotics in humans and animals.The health problem is painfully obvious but the environmental wastes involved both in production ofantibiotics and consumption by those infected are enormous incurring huge costs, resources andutilities use and high wastage of ineffective materials.
This paper will describe the development of a unique, biodegradable, natural, antimicrobial cleaningsolution that is easily applied to human contact surfaces to provide protection from and preventionof bacteria- superbugs infection. The product involves the effective utilization of a common naturalmaterial with only a minute quantity of a precious metal.
The basis of this highly patented product, ‘RIDOV’, is the chemical infusion of nano or ionic silver intospecific types of aloe-vera juice - both of which have long and proven histories in the medical fields.
Many organisms cannot develop resistance against active silver ion and because of the specialproperties of aloe-vera, this preventative system can remain active on surfaces for over 72 hourswith a kill rate of 99.99%.
RIDOV has been independently tested and proven to kill Golden Staph, Methicillin resistantStaphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin resistant Enterococci (VRE), Escherichia Coli (E.coli) andprotecting surface environments for over72 hours. Testing is continuing on Carbapenem resistantEnterobacteriaceae (CRE). Mould and mildew are also killed to >99.99%.
Typical applications in cleaning, hygiene, health and food agriculture will be described where thisnew natural product can replace synthetic and complex chemicals and treatments.”