Sanjoy Sanyal

Sanjoy Sanyal

Sr. Associate


Sanjoy Sanyal is a Senior Associate with adelphi. The core topics of his research andconsultancy work are: Energy, Technology and Innovation, and Business and Finance.
Over 25 years professional experience including:• Sector focus on Green Finance and Investment supporting financial institutions onfinancial product and credit line development & implementation on E+S
• Longstanding expertise in the green finance for climate friendly innovation in SMEs
• Longstanding expertise in small scale & distributed renewables in Asia & Africa
• Expertise in knowledge transfer, learning & development regarding new technologies

Paper: Green Financing in Asia - Covering Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India,Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam

“Today’s production and consumption patterns strain both the climate and the environment – fromthe local to the global levels. The use of existing low-emission and environmentally friendlytechnologies depends upon financing possibilities suited to the particular characteristics of greeninvestment. In many countries, however, the markets and conditions for sustainable investment arecurrently under-developed. Financial institutions, investors, and businesses often lack the necessarycapabilities to translate the risks and opportunities of green growth into the correspondinginvestments.
Features of the presentation: Status quo of Green Finance in Asia and Europe, Definitions andTaxonomy of Green Finance, Mainstreaming and Access to Green Finance for SMEs, EnablingEnvironments and Success Cases from selected countries in Asia and Europe.”